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Getting started with the Netflix revolution


Netflix Revolution is a trading software that makes sure that traders get to learn what is the right time to make an investment and even have optimum profits at all costs. The investments need to be made in a correct manner that ensures that profit exists with every step. There are traders who can improve the results with appropriate investment at the right time.

The main advantage of using Contracts for Difference concepts as they can be an actual asset. There is no need to buy the share as it is but then only based on the physical share. It is an incredibly easy approach and user-friendly There is no need for a partnership with the broker instead all the processing can be done entirely without much trouble. There is no restriction on the time when there should be buying and selling. There is a possibility to sell the products even when the market is failing and still make a substantial profit out of it.

There are a huge fan following and loyal users of Netflix around the world and this has propelled the popularity of the software as well and sometimes even to make sure that there is a profit just because it is a subsidiary of Netflix. The entire concept was conducted through detailed research on this topic and then subsequent results prove that it is indeed a safe bet and with time the number of users does keep increasing.

It is better to make a start immediately by registering yourself to the website and this is done with the help of the form given in the website. Then as soon as the form gets submitted, there will be basic directions provided that needs to be followed to ensure that the software can be used effectively to make more gains with each step.

Each person should consider a sum, more than or equal to the basic sum which can be called the investment capital and one can be choosy as to what is the amount that they wish to actually invest. A person can invest on a daily basis if they want and are free to choose to what limit should be used or set in the investment as we can see this here. It is important to know the basics properly before making an investment and at the same time reduce the chances of incurring losses in the best ways possible.

Various Source Of Borrowing Money By A Business Enterprise



Banking institutions for commercial purposes have for quite some time been the hotspot for entrepreneurs who require a saturation of money. Anyways, its not possible for everybody, particularly in case you require cash quickly or don’t fulfil their guaranteeing guidelines. Luckily, there are a great deal of elective sources available, of which few have come up lately.


Shared Lending:

With regards to venture funding, this method is the latest method that is available. The benefits of this method is quicker access to acquiring capital. Certain online websites guarantee advance choices in as meagre as a days time. Hence it’s an engaging alternative in case you require little additional money quickly. Similarly as with customary loan specialists, your FICO rating has a major influence in obtaining a great rate. Most shared destinations take into account borrowers havinggreater FICO assessments hence you may need to seek after different alternatives if your record of loan repayment has real imperfections.



Entrepreneurs have swung to companions and loved ones when other loansources appeared to be distant. With the landing of crowdfunding sites lately, acquiring advances from your own associations is less demanding than at any other time. You give data concerning your financing requirements and request individuals you know to make vows. Certainly, a few organizations are a superior fit for this kind of social loaning when compared to the rest.



Next approach to attain money in a rush is by trading the accounts receivable to a monetary foundationor a factor. Organizations regularly utilize these to assist in overseeing income and moderate paying clients. The factor propels a bit of the records receivable and maintains the remaining amount. The greater the nature of the records, you may have the capacity to borrow a lot. They’re an engaging choice in case you work in an industry where there’s a long slack time in gathering on receivables.


Home-Equity Advances:

For certain borrowers who experience difficulty meeting all requirements for a venture advance, the conspicuous option is to attain an individual credit. The typical approach to do that is by acquiring against the security in your home and infusing the cash into the organization. As these are verified advances, you can pull a credit extension at surprisingly lower rates in case you have a decent FICO assessment and adequate value at home.


When customary venture credits aren’t a choice, it may be a great opportunity to take a gander at an elective loaning source that can provide the capital you require. Ensure you comprehend every aspect prior to signing any documents, using Bitcoin Trader.



UnderstandingOptions Profitability

The optons writer uses tactics that let him limit the risk potential. This is known as hedging. However, this is complicated and involves some steps that could get difficult for a beginner in the options market.

To understand the optionsmarket and to tradeon it with real money you need to be aware of theprofitability. When you buy a call option then if the price rises and is above yourstrike price then you are in-the-money. When you buya call option and the price is lower than your strike price then you are out-of-the-money.

When you buy aput option then if the price is aboveyour strike price then you are out-of-the-money. The intrinsic value is the degree to which your trade is either in-the-money or out-of-the-money.

Theoptions market is dual in its nature. If you think that you are bullish on an asset and have apositive stance on it then you want to buya call option. If you have anegative outlook and you believe that the asset prices will fall in the future then you need to buy aput option. Thus most of your attention is devoted to understandingwhether you want to buy a call or a put option in an asset.

Trading with leverage

There is an additional risk taken when the trader takes a position with leverage. Leverage lets the trader take large positions with a small account size. This increases the profit potential but it also equally increases the loss potential. This is why it is highly advised that a trader should trade cautiously with leverage.

Yourbroker lets you take alarge trade but that does not mean you should take the maximum position with it. It is important that you use leverage with care so that it can be used to make profits but not eat into your trading account with losses. When leverage gets overused then the trader gets vulnerable.

As anoptions trader, you need to understand the dangersof leverage. If traded cautiously then the options trades are actually safer than most other investment forms. Forthose who want to know before entering the trade, how much money will they be risking on a trade for them options trading is highly recommended. The options traders who are selling options have to deal with higher risk but using the hedging strategies even these risks can be controlled.

The risk should be analyzedbefore opening any new position andwithoutthis, the losses can get escalated which could wipe away your trade account. Readthis page to manage risks when trading options.

IFA Life Twitter League and Directory

Are you on Twitter?

Take a look at the IFA Life Twitter Directory. You can use it to connect with and follow other financial advisers who use Twitter. Just click on their name and keep up to date on their ‘Tweets’ (i.e. their thoughts, ideas, comments, observations, tips, wisdom etc.).

If you’re a financial adviser who uses Twitter and would like to be featured in the IFA Life Twitter Directory, send an email with your Twitter username to admin@ifalife.com or post it at www.ifalife.com/twittername and we’ll do the rest.

Consumers looking for an IFA or Financial Planner can also use this list to find a professional financial adviser who uses Twitter.

Social Media in Financial Services Conference 2010

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Today, Oscar Wilde’s comments are more relevant than ever to financial services brands in the fast-moving Internet world.

When customers are talking about you online – are you listening? And if they’re not talking about you, what are you doing to engage and kick-start the conversation?

Social media marketing is a powerful and exciting opportunity for financial services brands. But most are “still thinking about it” and missing out on integrating it into their sales, marketing and communication mix.

If you’re not using social media, one thing’s for sure; you’re not hearing what your customers are saying, you’re not truly engaging with them and you’re moving further and further away from them. You’re going to be left way behind unless you build social media marketing strategies now.

Not sure where to start?

If you’re serious about using social media to get closer to your customers, January 2010 sees one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated eMarketing conferences in years – one that’s specifically focused on helping financial services marketers to network, share best practice and debate key issues on how to use social networking technology to get closer to customers.

IFA Life, the award-winning social networking website for financial advice professionals is proud to present Social Media in Financial Services at the Guoman Tower Hotel, Tower Bridge, London on 13th and 14th January 2010.

See the full programme here >>>

You’ll discover new ideas to interact and engage with target customers and intermediaries online, and to increase your web traffic and conversion rates. With keynote presentations confirmed from Google, LinkedIn, the BBC, BT Tradespace, Ecademy, Informed Choice, The Gate and acclaimed Internet experts, this is one event which financial services marketing and communication professionals and IFA/financial planning firms won’t want to miss!

Check back for details of top speakers as they are announced. Cutting edge content included includes:

The evolution of social media and why it’s relevant to your financial services brand

How to use social media to drive more traffic to yours or your clients’ websites and achieve high conversion rates

Reputation is everything – how to use social media to cement trust and credibility

Social media psychology – what financial brands need to know about how people behave online

How to build Community round your financial services brand – proven tips, tools and tactics

How to get client and colleague buy-in to social media marketing projects

The truth about how to make your brand, organisation or clients more visible through social media

How to get closer to customers with social media – starting from scratch

How to keep control of your brand message in online communities

How to successfully engage with financial intermediaries online

Tried, tested and proven techniques to engage with your customers through social media

How financial PR professionals can use social networks to reach the press and media

How to identify PR opportunities and threats from social media and user generated content

The role of mobile technologies in financial services marketing

How to complement your search marketing initiatives with social media

Best practice in social media from other industries – pearls, pitfalls, myths and legends

How to tweet to woo customers – the inside secrets to using Twitter

Faster ways to analyse customer information that will optimise your online performance

Build your own social network – or work in partnership with existing sites?

Startling quick wins with LinkedIn, Facebook, Ecademy, IFA Life and others

And much more


Attending Social Media in Financial Services will be a new and different experience for many in the industry. This is a serious business event with serious networking to be done – and where sales, marketing and communication experts from life/pensions and investment providers, insurers, creative agencies, media buyers, banks, building societies, mortgage lenders, national IFAs and networks/support companies can meet to learn and share best practice.

You’ll get together with fellow industry professionals, with outstanding presentations designed to discuss new technologies, best tactics, methods and strategies for digital marketers and owners of online strategies.

Welcome to My Money Tip!

IFA Life is delighted to announce a fun and exciting new initiative to further raise the profile of IFAs and financial planners in a powerful and modern setting.

According to a recent report from AVIVA, the Internet now plays a major role in how people access financial advice – whether to find an IFA or to find information on personal finance.  The Internet increasingly delivers financial information right across the age spectrum, and is not surprisingly most popular at younger ages.

So how does the financial advice profession deliver quick-and-easy-to-understand information on personal finance to a younger audience and those older but Internet-savvy consumers?

My Money Tip is an exciting idea aimed at providing money tips and financial sense in ‘tweet sized chunks’.

Any IFA or financial planner can submit or tweet a generic tip about managing and handling money in no more than 140 characters (the maxium length of tweets on Twitter).  The best 1,001 tips will appear in:

a paperback book of 1,001 personal finance tweets

an eBook version

on the Kindle

in a consumer facing iPhone App

on special My Money Tip Facebook and Twitter pages.

Through the book and a variety of Social Networking sites, your tips will have huge reach – and will appeal to people who use the Internet to find personal finance information and who want tips in a quick and easy-to-understand format.

Every contributor whose tip is included in the book and App will receive a special contributor’s badge to include on their website.



There are three ways:

Tweet your tip

Post your tip in our LinkedIn group

Email your tip to us

To tweet, simply go to www.Twitter.com and tweet your money tip in under 140 characters (that includes the spaces) – remembering to put @MyMoneyTip at the beginning.  Don’t forget to follow MyMoneyTip while you’re there at http://twitter.com/MyMoneyTip

Pro users hint:  If you have space, also add #MyMoneyTip at the end of your tip


To post at LinkedIn, go to our group here and add your 140 character tip in the thread provided


To email – send your 140 charcter tip to mymoneytip[at]ifalife.com


There is no charge for IFAs and financial planners to submit a money/personal finance tip; you can submit as many as you wish and you will be credited within the book for every tip accepted (see below for example).  Your tips will be spread evenly around the pages of the book and shown randomly on the iPhone App.

You will also receive our special Contributor badge to add to your website to show your clients and site visitors that you took part in the My Money Tip project.

To include your telephone/email and full contact details, website address, Twitter and other Social Media profiles alongside your tips in the book, your contribution is just £29 (includes vat).  So the more tips you submit, the better the value for you and the more visibility you receive in the book.  You will also receive:

our Contrutor badge to add to your website

an electronic PDF copy of the final book

your practice will be listed on IFA Life’s Foursquare page

you will be listed as a Featured member on the IFA Life home page

included in our new IFAs and Financial Planners Social Media directory.

How to use and Leverage LinkedIn – Resources for IFAs and Financial Planners

How to use LinkedIn to Skyrocket your Sales.   Full speech by Philip Calvert at Successful Selling 2013 – the UK’s foremost Sales Conference

Useful LinkedIn resources for IFAs and financial advisers

NEW!  How to use LinkedIn:  300 Tips for IFAs and Financial Advisers – here

NEW!  Webcast – LinkedIn for RIAs and fee-only advisors – here

Join our LinkedIn group – here

Free webcast How to leverage LinkedIn (for UK Financial Advisers) – below

How to connect your IFA Life profile page to your LinkedIn profile page – click here

How financial planners and IFAs can generate high quality leads through seminars

On numerous posts on IFA Life, people have expressed interest in attending a seminar to learn IN DEPTH how to attract new business leads through seminars.   Cost and location have been raised as issues, so here is the deal.

On the 4th September 2009, we will host a special ‘seminar on seminars’ which will reveal a wealth of proven techniques, tips and ideas for IFAs and financial planners who are considering using seminars and live events to attract new, high quality leads.

You can attend FREE if you wish, but we would ask you to pay us at the end of the day what you feel the workshop has been worth to you. That could be nothing; it could also be a lot!

We will ask you to simply leave a cheque or cash in a sealed envelope (which we will provide) and hand it in at the end.   This will remain strictly private between ourselves and we won’t open it until everyone has left.

We will run this workshop on this basis ONCE only this year, and following your feedback it will be held at the Hilton Bracknell, Berkshire, UK on Friday 4th September 2009.

This intensive workshop will reveal proven techniques and best practice from seminar professionals on:

* How to use seminars as a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for an IFA/financial planning business

* How to use seminars to add value to existing clients and professional connections

* The 7 deadly sins which most IFAs make when promoting seminars – and how to avoid them

* How two IFAs achieve near 100% conversion rates at their seminars

* How one financial adviser increased his income from £43K to £450K in four years by promoting his business through seminars

* 40 proven tips to dramatically increase attendance levels – including 3 golden tips you MUST remember

* Public speaking tips which professional speakers use to improve evaluations and increase referrals

* The single most important technique to ensure attendees remember and act upon your IFA seminar

* How to choose compelling and often irresistible titles for your seminars

* How and when to charge for your events

* Understanding Google and how to use the Internet to support your seminars

* And a lot more

The above is just an overview, and on the day you will also leave with your own personal plan on what to do next and how to put it all into action.

This is a golden opportunity for anyone who is considering running seminars to get leads and to add value to existing clients.

Timing is 09.00am for 09.30am prompt start.  Finish at 4.15pm.  Teas, coffees, lunch and refreshments will be provided – plus they’ve got a great pool for those needing a refreshing dip at the half way point!

If you would like to attend on this basis, please send an email to events@ifalife.com to confirm your attendance. If you cancel within four days of the event we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £39.00 plus vat.

Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you on the 4th September. Full joining instructions will follow nearer the time.

IFA Life Official iPhone Apps now available in iTunes

The official IFA Life iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch application delivers the latest content from the industry’s leading social networking site for financial planners, IFAs, financial life planners, wealth managers, mortgage brokers and professional financial advisers.

Even when you’re out of the office or away from your PC, you need never miss anything – industry news and debate, financial planning best practice, great articles, training events, marketing help, IFA Life videos and more.

Even better – it’s free.

Download the IFA Life App now.  And please remember to rate it in iTunes and leave a review!  Thank you.

Click here.

Developed by Jaime Steele.

And now you can keep track of the latest IFA and Financial Services jobs that have been posted

These three small financial planning firms, each know the catalyst for making high quality clients take action

There’s an old-school marketing approach that’s making a comeback amongst small IFA and financial planning firms.


Because it works. It inspires the clients that you really want to take action.

Yesterday, I spoke with two financial planning firms – one in the US and one in the UK…

I asked each of them why they run seminars, and both said the same thing…

“Because they work!!”

“…and on every level.”  added the planner from Miami.

“But you need to have a clear plan for both you and your clients to really benefit and you have to stick at it…”

“We’ve also found that there’s a right – and a wrong way to talk to people at the events…”

The planner from the UK, was in the process of putting handouts together for two small local events that he was running that afternoon. I was chatting with him in his office.

“How is the turnout?”  I asked.

“We’ve got thirty coming over the two sessions…”  adding:

“The interesting thing is that two people saw our seminar promotion but couldn’t make it to either of the events – but it was still enough for them to book an appointment to meet me next week”

I’ve just got off the phone this morning with the UK planner, and he told me that one attendee last night, had read an article he had written in a local magazine, but it was the seminar that was the catalyst to take some action.

This isn’t unusual.

IFAs and financial advisers who run seminars, pick up high quality enquiries even from people who don’t attend their events!

And there’s a reason for that…

Long before the internet and social media were mainstream, the most successful financial planners, IFAs and advisers around the world were using seminars, workshops and events…

to attract high quality new clients

to add value to existing clients

to fast-track introducer relationships

When you get them right, client events and seminars transform your business.

I’m the first to highlight the benefits of social media, but I’m also the first to say that client events, seminars and workshops have consistently been proven to attract high quality clients and attract more of the right type of referrals.

And now they are back, with more and more IFAs wanting to run their own seminars.

But there’s a problem for many IFAs. Several in fact…

* How do I fill the seats?

* How many people should I invite?

* Where do I get a mailing list?

* How do I attract the RIGHT type of attendees?

* What topics should I talk about during my seminar?

* What are the best days of the week for seminars?

* What sort of venue works best?

* Can I outsource the planning?

* How do I write a mailing letter?

* Should I get a guest speaker?

* Have you any examples of seminar best practice?

* What if I’m nervous about public speaking?

* How long should I take to market and promote my event?

But the plain fact is, seminars and client events give high quality clients an amazing opportunity to see ‘the whites of your eyes’; to ‘try before they buy’ and to build a relationship with you based on trust and professionalism.


Seminars empower people to take action.

For example, our third IFA in the South West of England consistently got conversion rates at his seminars approaching 100%

Yes, you read that correctly: 100%

That’s almost everyone in his audience committing to make an appointment for financial planning advice with him or another adviser in his team.

Of course, he has a process for filling the seats with the right type of people, for the content he delivers and how he presents it…

There are also certain words and phrases that he uses in his promotions…

And here’s the good part…

…we’re going to share it all with you at our new client events webinar on 12th September.


* Would you find that useful?

* Would learning how to run successful seminars help your advice business?

* Could seminars add a whole new level of value to your existing clients?


If you’re thinking about using seminars, workshops, client events or weekend retreats as part of your value proposition, this is a must attend webinar.

Watch it from the comfort of your home or office, and then revisit the recording to cement your learning.

“Nobody I have heard comes close to Phil’s practical knowledge of using seminars and the internet to get one’s message out there.” David Crozier CFP, Navigator Financial Planning

Important >> If you have already signed up for our internet marketing webinar on 5th July, you will qualify for a discount when you register for our 12th September webinar…

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