As a marketing professional specializing in the financial services industry, I would like to think I know everything there is to know about marketing in this field. But like any profession, there is always more to learn. I make an effort to read everything I can about financial services marketing. I read, purchase and download any information I can find from industry thought leaders for my own professional development. There are hundreds of wonderful resources available, but I thought I would share with you a few of the resources I’ve used for my own professional development so far this year. I hope you find them as valuable as I do.

Books/Programs I’ve Purchased:

•             Secrets of Successful Client Events, Horsesmouth

•             Surprise & Delight Mini-Guide, Oechsli Institute

•             Intimate Client Events, Oechsli Institute

•             Social Media Prospecting Mini-Guide, Oechsli Institute

  White Papers I’ve Downloaded:

•             The Future of the Financial Advisory Business, Inside Information by Bob Veres

•             A Guide to Twitter Social Networking Compliance, Socialware

•             A Guide to Facebook Social Networking Compliance, Socialware

•             A Guide to LinkedIn Social Networking Compliance, Socialware

Videos I’ve Watched:

•             Niche Marketing for Financial Planners, Next 10 Clients

 Blogs/Newsletters/Articles I’ve Read:

•             Plain Speak eNewsletter, Wendy J. Cook Communications

• Investment Writing Blog, Susan B. Weiner Investment Writing

•             E-Marketing Blog, Wired Advisor

•             Make it a Great Day Blog, MIAGD


•             The 100 Best Marketing Ideas, Senior Market Advisor