There’s an old-school marketing approach that’s making a comeback amongst small IFA and financial planning firms.


Because it works. It inspires the clients that you really want to take action.

Yesterday, I spoke with two financial planning firms – one in the US and one in the UK…

I asked each of them why they run seminars, and both said the same thing…

“Because they work!!”

“…and on every level.”  added the planner from Miami.

“But you need to have a clear plan for both you and your clients to really benefit and you have to stick at it…”

“We’ve also found that there’s a right – and a wrong way to talk to people at the events…”

The planner from the UK, was in the process of putting handouts together for two small local events that he was running that afternoon. I was chatting with him in his office.

“How is the turnout?”  I asked.

“We’ve got thirty coming over the two sessions…”  adding:

“The interesting thing is that two people saw our seminar promotion but couldn’t make it to either of the events – but it was still enough for them to book an appointment to meet me next week”

I’ve just got off the phone this morning with the UK planner, and he told me that one attendee last night, had read an article he had written in a local magazine, but it was the seminar that was the catalyst to take some action.

This isn’t unusual.

IFAs and financial advisers who run seminars, pick up high quality enquiries even from people who don’t attend their events!

And there’s a reason for that…

Long before the internet and social media were mainstream, the most successful financial planners, IFAs and advisers around the world were using seminars, workshops and events…

to attract high quality new clients

to add value to existing clients

to fast-track introducer relationships

When you get them right, client events and seminars transform your business.

I’m the first to highlight the benefits of social media, but I’m also the first to say that client events, seminars and workshops have consistently been proven to attract high quality clients and attract more of the right type of referrals.

And now they are back, with more and more IFAs wanting to run their own seminars.

But there’s a problem for many IFAs. Several in fact…

* How do I fill the seats?

* How many people should I invite?

* Where do I get a mailing list?

* How do I attract the RIGHT type of attendees?

* What topics should I talk about during my seminar?

* What are the best days of the week for seminars?

* What sort of venue works best?

* Can I outsource the planning?

* How do I write a mailing letter?

* Should I get a guest speaker?

* Have you any examples of seminar best practice?

* What if I’m nervous about public speaking?

* How long should I take to market and promote my event?

But the plain fact is, seminars and client events give high quality clients an amazing opportunity to see ‘the whites of your eyes’; to ‘try before they buy’ and to build a relationship with you based on trust and professionalism.


Seminars empower people to take action.

For example, our third IFA in the South West of England consistently got conversion rates at his seminars approaching 100%

Yes, you read that correctly: 100%

That’s almost everyone in his audience committing to make an appointment for financial planning advice with him or another adviser in his team.

Of course, he has a process for filling the seats with the right type of people, for the content he delivers and how he presents it…

There are also certain words and phrases that he uses in his promotions…

And here’s the good part…

…we’re going to share it all with you at our new client events webinar on 12th September.


* Would you find that useful?

* Would learning how to run successful seminars help your advice business?

* Could seminars add a whole new level of value to your existing clients?


If you’re thinking about using seminars, workshops, client events or weekend retreats as part of your value proposition, this is a must attend webinar.

Watch it from the comfort of your home or office, and then revisit the recording to cement your learning.

“Nobody I have heard comes close to Phil’s practical knowledge of using seminars and the internet to get one’s message out there.” David Crozier CFP, Navigator Financial Planning

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