IFA Life is delighted to announce a fun and exciting new initiative to further raise the profile of IFAs and financial planners in a powerful and modern setting.

According to a recent report from AVIVA, the Internet now plays a major role in how people access financial advice – whether to find an IFA or to find information on personal finance.  The Internet increasingly delivers financial information right across the age spectrum, and is not surprisingly most popular at younger ages.

So how does the financial advice profession deliver quick-and-easy-to-understand information on personal finance to a younger audience and those older but Internet-savvy consumers?

My Money Tip is an exciting idea aimed at providing money tips and financial sense in ‘tweet sized chunks’.

Any IFA or financial planner can submit or tweet a generic tip about managing and handling money in no more than 140 characters (the maxium length of tweets on Twitter).  The best 1,001 tips will appear in:

a paperback book of 1,001 personal finance tweets

an eBook version

on the Kindle

in a consumer facing iPhone App

on special My Money Tip Facebook and Twitter pages.

Through the book and a variety of Social Networking sites, your tips will have huge reach – and will appeal to people who use the Internet to find personal finance information and who want tips in a quick and easy-to-understand format.

Every contributor whose tip is included in the book and App will receive a special contributor’s badge to include on their website.



There are three ways:

Tweet your tip

Post your tip in our LinkedIn group

Email your tip to us

To tweet, simply go to www.Twitter.com and tweet your money tip in under 140 characters (that includes the spaces) – remembering to put @MyMoneyTip at the beginning.  Don’t forget to follow MyMoneyTip while you’re there at http://twitter.com/MyMoneyTip

Pro users hint:  If you have space, also add #MyMoneyTip at the end of your tip


To post at LinkedIn, go to our group here and add your 140 character tip in the thread provided


To email – send your 140 charcter tip to mymoneytip[at]ifalife.com


There is no charge for IFAs and financial planners to submit a money/personal finance tip; you can submit as many as you wish and you will be credited within the book for every tip accepted (see below for example).  Your tips will be spread evenly around the pages of the book and shown randomly on the iPhone App.

You will also receive our special Contributor badge to add to your website to show your clients and site visitors that you took part in the My Money Tip project.

To include your telephone/email and full contact details, website address, Twitter and other Social Media profiles alongside your tips in the book, your contribution is just £29 (includes vat).  So the more tips you submit, the better the value for you and the more visibility you receive in the book.  You will also receive:

our Contrutor badge to add to your website

an electronic PDF copy of the final book

your practice will be listed on IFA Life’s Foursquare page

you will be listed as a Featured member on the IFA Life home page

included in our new IFAs and Financial Planners Social Media directory.